Ladies and gentlemen. Set the date aside. On October the 7th we will be aiming to break the world record for the biggest vegan, street demonstration ever and the animals need YOU. Yes, you. They need your time, your passion and your presence. The current world record was set by us last month where we had 20 people in the cube and 20 people on outreach. In the space of 5 hours we handed out over 1000 flyers and had 304 very deep, meaningful discussions with the public, with many of them vowing to go vegan. Cancel your weddings. Postpone your funerals. Tell your boss your unavailable. Tell your grandma you will see her on Sunday. Tell your neighbour to look after the kids. Tell Jetstar you need to cancel your flights. October 7th is a day for animals. HOW THE EVENT WILL OPERATE: We will Read more →
Saturday 7 October 2017
Pitt Street Mall, Sydney NSW (map)

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