Okay party people. Everyone mark your calendars because I am giving you PLENTY of notice haha. Would like to see all your lovely faces at the Little Prince on Saturday the 30th September - start around 7:30. Let's get rowdy! In a sophisticated way of course, it's a classy establishment after all. Will possibly kick on somewhere after if people are up for it (just anywhere but Mr Crown. I have a personal grudge against them hah) They make great vegan dumplings and I know for sure there's sweet potato fries, but really the cocktails are the winner here ;) Even if drinking isn't your thing come along for the fries and the good company. It was a lot of fun last time and great to meet new people, so click attending if you can make it and I'll book a spot for us closer to the event! And yes Read more →
7:30pm Saturday 30 September 2017
The Little Prince, Wollongong NSW (map)

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