Please join us to bear witness and bring awareness to the animals slaughtered in our city. Please share this event, 'invite' Facebook users and bring family and friends with you. The more people we have, the more of an impact we can make. But, big or small turnout, an impact will be made. If you are able to provide transportation, please use this page to create discussions about carpooling. Unfortunately public transport is not available. Linley Valley Pork is the largest pig 'processing' plant in Western Australia. Every year around HALF A MILLION pigs are killed here using the excruciating 'stunning' method of a carbon dioxide gas chamber. They are currently increasing their infrastructure size so they can kill more pigs daily. At our very first vigil we watched a very large pig being Read more →
9:00am Sunday 10 September 2017
Linley Valley Pork, Wooroloo WA (map)

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