Wine, Jazz & Cruelty Free Cheese! Meet the Little Oak Residents and learn about life beyond dairy cheese! Join us for some jazz, vegan cheese platters & some cruelty free wine tasting! Transport will be STRICTLY via supplied transport* from Mick Sherd Oval in Bungendore. We will be leaving at 10:30am sharp so please be on time as it will hold the event up and it is not fair to other guests. We will be leaving the sanctuary at 2:00pm returning to Bungendore by 2:30pm. A tour of the sanctuary will be provided where you can meet the animals, hear their stories and learn about the plight of their species in Australia. We'll also be providing delicious vegan cheese platters and wine tasting, what better way to enjoy Spring? Please wear sturdy shoes, a warm jacket and bring a hat, sunscreen and Read more →
10:30am Sunday 10 September 2017
Little Oak Sanctuary, Bungendore NSW (map)

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