Are you in pain or discomfort after eating dairy products? Did your doc tell you to go dairy-free to: - improve your gut health - get clearer skin - lose weight or - in relation to another disease Do you feel confronted and believe you have to give up all your favourite foods and relearn cooking from scratch? Kris has been there. 4 years ago she made the change and has never looked back since. Today she has far more energy than ever before, her skin cleared up, her headaches are history and she is reversing her auto-immune disease (Hashimotoes). Plus she absolutely loves her food and enjoys every bite. In this workshop she shares her knowledge on how to kickstart your dairy-free journey. You will get empowered to start living a happy and healthy dairy-free live without the feeling of Read more →
11:30am Saturday 9 September 2017
Modern Organic, Long Jetty NSW (map)

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