The Australian Ecosystems Foundation (AEFI) is a not for profit foundation established in 2002 to conserve, protect and preserve native ecosystems and their biodiversity. They do this through establishing and managing protected areas and breeding endangered species in protected, predator free sanctuaries. The flagship of these sanctuaries is Secret Creek Sanctuary. This is also the location for the annual AEFI Open Day. For the 2017 Open Day, AEFI will be have sancturary tours and animals you can meet. This year, for the first time, Secret Creek Cafe is also hosting a market day to raise more funds for AEFI and also showcase vegan makers. There will be handmade food, gift items, art, jewellery, as well as musicians and other presentations. More details about the stallholders, performers Read more →
Sunday 3 September 2017
Secret Creek Cafe and Restaurant, Lithgow NSW (map)

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