We have an expression in Australia - "Going to the snow." It's my favourite time of year! Our third outing will be to Mt Stirling. It has a lovely loop trail over the Mt Stirling peak with views of Mt Buller. There's no ski school on this trip! But if you're adventurous, we can give you some tips on the day. We start early to give us more daylight hours in the white stuff, and the plan is to do a little cross country ski, have lunch somewhere, then ski back. :-) Rough Plan of the Day 9am - Meet at SCM Express Ski Hire Mansfield and pick up snow gear. (If you need a lift, leave a comment!) 9:30am - Leave SCM Express Ski Hire and head for Mt Stirling Carpark 10:30am - Arrive at Mt Stirling Carpark. Put our gear on. Catch the shuttle to the snow line. Do some cross country skiing and Read more →
Saturday 2 September 2017
Mt Stirling VIC (map)

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