Join us for the premiere of The End of Meat on August 26th and the first The End of Meat conference on August 27th, 2017 in Berlin, Germany! The premiere will be a unique event with special guests and Q&A afterwards. At the conference we will present leading ideas, visions and research by scientists, philosophers and activists that will shape the future for humans and animals in the years to come. We hope the conference will inspire and provoke meaningful discussions towards a future where meat consumption belongs to the past. Confirmed Speakers: Steve Jenkins & Derek Walter Richard David Precht Dr. Mark Post Hilal Sezgin Marcel Sebastian Dr. Marco Springmann Jens Tuider The End of Meat premiere: BABYLON, August 26th, 8pm The End of Meat conference: Heimathafen Neukolln, August 27th, 10am Read more →
Saturday 26 August to Sunday 27 August 2017

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