As part of this global event Coast to Coast Animal Friends will stage a march starting at 10.30 and outreach popup event at Justins Park, Burleigh Beach on the Gold Coast. * Inspiring Speakers * Cruelty free BBQ * Vegan Outreach * Afternoon Entertainment * Animal Advocacy The Bali dog meat 'scandal' * the Yulin Dog Meat Festival * Religious sacrificial slaughter * the horrors of live export * trophy hunting * the Taiji dolphin hunt * commercial whaling * wild animals in captivity * fur farms * habitat destruction. These atrocities represent only some of the horrendous cruelty inflicted on non-human animals by human animals. Sadly, they are a mere drop in the oceans of blood shed for the benefit of people. Between 50-150 billion land animals are estimated to be killed each year worldwide Read more →
Saturday 26 August 2017
Justins Park, Burleigh Heads QLD (map)

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