Please join us in raising awareness of the plight of pigs, as we endeavour to phase out the use of cruel and archaic sow stalls in the pork industry. The Australian pork industry made the commitment for the voluntary phase out of sow stalls by 2017. For the people who aren't aware, a sow stall (also known as a gestation stall) is a highly confining type of housing that pregnant pigs are kept in. A sow stall is roughly the length and width of a fully grown sow (a female breeding pig), and does not allow the sow to turn around or move. Speakers: Statement from Greens NSW Representative Sarah Margo - Voiceless, the animal protection institute Hon Mark Pearson - Animal Justice Party Alexander Sasha Vince - Animal Liberation Read more →
11:30am Saturday 26 August 2017
Archibald Fountain, Sydney NSW (map)

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