We are excited to have you to learn the beginner's guide to vegan nutrition. This workshop will be presented by an Accredited Practicing Dietitian, who is vegan. Do you fully understand what you need to eat to ensure you are eating a nutritionally balanced meal? Do you know the essential vitamins and minerals that vegans need to consume? And why? Since the start of the year, we have done 10 of these workshops. After each one, the presentation and the amount of vegan nutrition included improves. For those of you who like to learn why vegans tend to have low iron, low calcium (low bone density), higher risk of bone fractures, fatigue and overall health and well being this is the workshop for you. You will also receive a question, and take home sheet to help drive the learning throughout the Read more →
11:00am Sunday 20 August 2017
West End QLD (map)

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