The Class that everyone has been waiting for. Back to the Basics of healthy cooking workshop. It is so often that now in the busy world we tend to buy most of the food from the shops to save time. I put this class together to show you how easy and quick it is to make it at home. This workshop I will teach you how to make: *Almond Milk *Nut Butter * Raw Nutella *Vegan Mayo *Raw Energy Bites *Chocolate Mousse aka Ice cream This class is a great value as you will learn how to make fresh and healthy products that will last in your fridge. You will be surpised how quick and easy it is so will be no more excuses to buy it at the shop. The ticket is $25 and can be purchsed at the Kenmore store. Also you can send an email to to reserve a seat. Read more →
5:00pm Sunday 6 August 2017
Charlie's Raw Squeeze Kenmore, Kenmore QLD (map)

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