Wondering when it is a good time to cut down your drinking or give up the booze? Winter is a perfect time to restore & replenish our bodies in preparation for spring when the days get longer and the temperature gets warmer. Join the thousands of Australians who are going Dry this July in support of those affected by cancer. Your body will be singing from the inside - out after 31 days of being alcohol free! In support, Serotonin is hosting a 'Dry July' Degustation with 10% of the proceeds going to people living with Cancer in Australia. You can relax and enjoy your nourishing meal in our stimulant free environment, away from nasty temptations such as alcohol and sugar. Your Dry July Degustation includes the following: Mood enhancing entree New creative tryptophan filled Main Incredible Read more →
6:00pm Thursday 27 July 2017
Serotonin Eatery, Richmond VIC (map)

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