$5 entry. Cash at the door. Dinner available. We have advanced to a projector screen for this event. "Okja" is the heartwarming tale of a girl and her giant mutant pig, brought to life through a mix of digital effects and puppetry that makes a nonexistent beast seem as real as ET or King Kong. It is also the tale of animal rights activists doing battle with a Monsanto-like corporation that wants to turn said pig, allegedly the cutest in a batch whipped up by genetic scientists, into a poster animal for a revolutionary line of meat products. These two modes might seem incompatible. But as overseen by the great South Korean director Bong Joon-ho ("Snowpiercer," "The Host"), they mesh in a work of melancholy enchantment, by turns sweet, funny, scary, sad, and--in the manner of all good Read more →
7:00pm Wednesday 19 July 2017
Dolly's Sister Vegan Cafe & Bar, Geelong VIC (map)

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