Come along to Bunnings Gungahlin and grab yourself a delicious animal-friendly (vegan) sausage sanga and in doing so, help us raise much needed funds for Little Oak Sanctuary! Why are we selling animal free sausages? So glad you asked! Here are just a few reasons: The Environment We care about the planet - Bunnings has an official position that indicates the company also cares for the Environment: "Sustainability is important to us because fundamentally, it's the right thing to do and customers and our team members expect it." If this is the case, Bunnings should be promoting the sale of veggie sausages at its stores - Why? Water Although conserving water at home is important, it represents just a tiny portion of the actual water needed to sustain us. A 2004 Melbourne University study Read more →
Saturday 15 July 2017
Bunnings, Gungahlin ACT (map)

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