Increasingly, Animal Studies turns towards the question of intersections: where, how and why human and animal lives intersect. Intersectionality offers us a way to explore interconnectedness to advance our understanding of the complex ways we relate to and interact with other animals and each other. Key note speakers are: Professor James Serpell: Humane Ethics & Animal Welfare, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine; Professor Colin Dayan: Humanities and Law, Vanderbilt University; Associate Professor Annie Potts: Cultural Studies and English and co-director of New Zealand, Centre for Human-Animal Studies (NZCHAS), University of Canterbury; Professor Fiona Probyn-Rapsey: Humanities and Social Inquiry, University of Wollongong; Professor Rachel Ankeny: History and Read more →
Monday 3 July to Wednesday 5 July 2017
The University of Adelaide, Adelaide SA (map)

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