This event will be live-streamed globally. We did 300 events and convinced over 10,000 people to consider going vegan in our 1st year! Starting July, founders of Anonymous for the Voiceless; Paul Bashir and Asal Alamdari, will begin a world tour! They will be co-hosting Cube of Truth demonstrations in the cities listed below. The official AV world tour will start in July and end in Novemeber. Paul & Asal will also set-up and host 3 Cubes in 3 new cities, where they will continue to run optimally at least once a month in their absense. Event dates to be announced during the live-stream! Birmingham, UK Cambridge, UK London, UK Paris, France Berlin, Germany Rome, Italy Toronto, Canada New York City, USA Las Vegas, USA Los Angeles, USA Buenos Aires, Argentina Sydney, Australia Melbourne, Read more →
4:30pm Sunday 25 June 2017

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