Looking for participants to join us for this fun and exciting time to help build a fence inspired by Earthship builds. Experienced "Earthshiper's" will be here to help facilitate and guide the workshop. You will get the opportunity to try out and experience some of the inspired styles of natural building. Hands on with tyre pounding, working with bottles, getting your hands and feet dirty with the earth and cobb. Come for one day or all three. Each day lunch will be provided as well as hyrdrating liquids. $25 for each day. More info and pictures to be posted to inspire contribution creative or otherwise. Come meet some like minded folk and feel the joy of building naturally. RSVP by 18th June. What to bring along: Sledge Hammer Shovels Heavy Duty Bucket Rubber gloves Spring Water, Tea, Read more →
Friday 23 June to Sunday 25 June 2017
Sawtell NSW (map)

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