Help raise much-needed funds for Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary, take some time out for yourself and be guided and immersed into a soundscape of sacred sound instruments. These include crystal and tibetan singing bowls, gongs, native style flutes, chimes, bells, drums (synthetic) and more. It is a totally relaxing experience guided by experienced practitioner and facilitator Pete Blake. Following the event join us for the most delicious cruelty-free notdogs you've ever eaten. What to bring: Please dress suitably for the day, bring your yoga type mats, bring your pillows for both under your head and under your knees (trust me on this, it will aid your comfort as you lie on the floor), bring your blanket to lay over you, or bring a sleeping bag to cocoon into. Bring drinking water to keep Read more →
11:00am Saturday 17 June 2017
Woodland Reserve Interpretive Centre, Whiteman WA (map)

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