The 8 Week Body Reset does ONE THING: shows us EXACTLY how to support our body's natural detoxification pathways, which allows our body to reset, heal, and regain our best health. Step by step, you will be shown how to add healthy whole foods to your life, at a pace that is right for YOU. Learn step by step what to do to look and FEEL the best ever. No matter what the health goal is: shed kilos, gain energy, reduce inflammation, or need a total body overhaul. What the program includes: - COMPLETE, detailed OPTIONAL 10-Day Kick Start Juice Fast with all recipes and shopping list included. - EIGHT PROGRAM MODULES THAT GIVE YOU clear and easy to follow nutrition guidelines on how to follow a balanced plant based eating style. - Mastery exercises in each Module to help you break through Read more →
7:00pm Tuesday 6 June 2017
Modern Organics, Long Jetty NSW (map)

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