Vegans in the Limelight is a 12-week online PR course for vegan business owners & entrepreneurs, starting 5 June, 2017, ending 28 August, 2017. What would it be like if your vegan brand was exposed to hundreds, thousands or even millions of people? And more than that, making it happen was free and fast? Getting media coverage is the way to do it. With just one story or interview, you can be in front of huge numbers of people, many of whom will be ready to buy from you - whether you're offering a product, book, course or service. Imagine how successful you can be when you're in the limelight regularly. Best of all, when you do your own PR, it costs nothing! Being featured in the media is FREE PUBLICITY. An ad, on the other hand, will cost you hundreds of dollars in small media outlets Read more →
Monday 5 June 2017

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