Combining fun, food and a brain work out, our first fundraising event for the year will be held from 2.30-5.30pm, Sunday the 4th June, at the Green Lion in Rozelle. This event will help us to raise the vital funds we need to run in elections. Every cent we raise will go directly into our election campaign fund. We are competing against political parties who have millions of dollars to spend. So, the more money we raise, the greater our ability to compete in elections and achieve electoral success. This means more AJP representatives in federal and state parliament, and a louder and stronger voice for the animals! There will be prizes, a silent auction and an AJP stall where we will sell merchandise and hopefully sign up some new members - speaking of new members we are encouraging members Read more →
2:30pm Sunday 4 June 2017
Green Lion, Rozelle NSW (map)

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