Do you carry some excess weight and find it difficult to lose it no matter what you try? Do you think you suffer from a slow metabolism? Having gut and/or digestive issues? Are you finally ready for some REAL change? If YES, get ready to improve your sleep, your digestion, gain energy and feel motivated and empowered to improve your health! What the program includes: - COMPLETE, detailed OPTIONAL 10-Day Kick Start Juice Fast with all recipes and shopping list included. - EIGHT PROGRAM MODULES THAT GIVE YOU clear and easy to follow nutrition guidelines on how to follow a balanced plant based eating style. - Mastery exercises in each Module to help you break through limiting beliefs and overcome obstacles that have prevented you from achieving the health and life you desire. - 8 weeks of Read more →
7:00pm Tuesday 30 May 2017
Modern Organic, Long Jetty NSW (map)

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