We invite you to a fun evening of great food and wonderful company. Our guest speaker will be Mark Doneddu. Mark will dazzle us with this very interesting talk on "The Role of Enzymes in a Plant Based Diet and Gut Health." Mark has an amazing knowledge of all things 'healthy.' He is President of Vegetarian Victoria and is the Event Manager of World Vegan Day. Mark gives talks to various groups and is happy to spread the word to those willing to listen. If you have any questions on the above topics or anything to do with health I am sure Mark will be able to answer them. Please bring a plate of raw food to share (2 if you bring your other half or a guest) NO EXCUSES! We are all busy people!! Raw food does not contain any animal products, is not heated above 118 degrees and doesn't contain Read more →
4:30pm Saturday 27 May 2017
Melbourne VIC (map)

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