Bonta Vera & Vegan Newcastle Presents Nineties Themed Trivia! It's that time of year again, friends. Time to get Back to the Future to enjoy our fourth annual trivia night! It might feel a little bit like Groundhog Day since it seems like the last one only just happened, but with completely vegan trivia night, it sure beats being Home Alone. Throw on a costume, Hook into all the 90's classics you can think of, Scream with excitement. Clueless about what to wear? You'll definitely be able to find at least Seven hints in this event bio. Failing that, ask the Boyz 'n the Hood, a Pretty Woman or the Goodfellas. Hell, you can even use your Sixth Sense. We Can't Hardly Wait to see you there! Read more →
6:00pm Sunday 21 May 2017
Bonta Vera, Minmi NSW (map)

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