Come and celebrate 40 years of Wholefoods! Wholefoods started up in 1977, so this year is a special one, marking 40 years of its existence. The annual(ish) Wholefoods Alumni dinners are a way for people who've been part of the Wholefoods community over the years to stay in touch or get back in touch. Former and current Wholefoods people from all eras are welcome, whether your latest involvement in Wholefoods was 40 years ago or last week. You can help by buying your tickets early Please buy your tickets to this year's dinner early. Yes, this means you! If everyone leaves buying their tickets until the last minute, organising this event becomes a bit stressful. Ticket pricing For this year's dinner, tickets are priced to encourage people to purchase them early. The first 20 to be sold Read more →
6:30pm Friday 5 May 2017
Wholefoods, Clayton VIC (map)

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