Our topic for reading is young adult fiction. So choose a book in that genre and come along and discuss next week. Don't worry if you don't have enough time to read it, if you love chatting about books - please come anyway! Peaceable Book Club is a vegan-friendly book club. We select cafes that have good vegan options or have a vegan pot luck. You don't have to be vegan to join, just positive about vegan people and choices. - We choose a genre/subject/author and all read a book in that category. - We meet around once a month on Sundays usually for lunch. - You don't need to come every month, just when you have time or feel like it is fine. - Come join us. Please change your RSVP if you decide not to come, just for booking/ seating purposes. Thanks Read more →
1:00pm Sunday 23 April 2017
Sunspace Cafe, Doonan QLD (map)

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