Come and join us for a potluck dinner at my place. Please bring a plate of food to share (preferably organic) and the recipe if possible. Raw food contains no animal products, is not heated above 118 degrees and contains no nasties. For newbies, please bring a salad, fruit salad, raw activated nuts or some raw chocolates. If you bring a friend or your other half, bring 2 dishes or a very large one. We are all busy people, NO EXCUSES!!! A few of us were thinking of having another water or juice fast for a few days. Does anybody have any contacts for a venue that would be suitable. We would need at least 4 bedrooms, not too far from Melbourne and not too expensive. We would probably need the house for a 5 - 7 days. One last thing, I have a large bag of lost property, some of it for over a Read more →
5:30pm Saturday 22 April 2017
Melbourne VIC (map)

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