Latest studies have proven that a vegan diet is healthy for everyone, and can even help ward off major diseases like obesity, type-2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Its also of course kind to the animals and the only sustainbable option for our fragile environment! Come and find out how to reap the potentiel benefits of a well-planned vegan diet! get tickets >> click here This excellent workshop will cover the following topics: * The essential nutrients and micro-nutrients for human health, and where to find them in plants. * Protein - how much do we really need? * Vitamin B12 - An issue for everyone, not just vegans. * Calcium, vitamin D and bone health * Essential fats: Good fats vs bad fats * Iron * Zinc * Open question time Your ticket price includes a delicious vegan afternoon Read more →
2:00pm Saturday 22 April 2017
Sydney Mechanics School of Arts, Sydney NSW (map)

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