You are all invited to this special evening at Bunburys Newest Urban Eatery Platform One Five. This will be a chance to be part of an exclusive first for Bunbury. The wonderfull staff have been working on something really special for us but shhhhhh can not ruin the surprise. At the end of the evening if you like what you had and the feedback is positive we are told it will become available on the menu. At only $10 a head you would be mad to miss this, we were only planning on making an event for everyone to catch up before Easter break but Platform One Five have really raised the bar on this and turned it into something quite special. Will definetly need confirmation on numbers so please click "Going" or comment if you are bringing extras, alternatively message Vegan Bunbury to confirm a Read more →
6:00pm Tuesday 11 April 2017
Platform One Five, Bunbury WA (map)

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