Hi everyone, come to EA Melbourne's September meet-up and get dinner with people who want to use evidence and reason to make the world better. We'll be upstairs on level 2. After Crossways closes at around 8pm, we might move on to a nearby bar - updates will be posted here. If you're wondering what this "Effective Altruism" thing is, this talk gives a good introduction. As always newcomers are welcome. If you haven't been to Crossways before, an all you can eat (vegan) meal is $6, but you're welcome to just hang out and meet people as well. Unfortunately, as far as I know, the venue is not wheelchair accessible. If you're lost etc. on the day call/text Nick Merange [masked] Read more →
6:00pm Wednesday 7 September 2016
Crossways Restaurant, Melbourne, VIC (map)

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