This is the last weekend before 'dry til july' so don't wait for me this week please as I'll probably be doing an ultra in the Simpson Desert in readiness for a ramp up in training. Jen x3, Damon, JK or Kay Cee will be the host this week. Please see group for confirmation Viel spas - - - - - Vegan, vegetarian or VIP, fast, slow, walker, rider, dog - all welcome! Time: 6:16am (14km+), 7:01am (3km/7km) Weather forecast: 54c Meet: Le Montage, 38 Frazer St, Lilyfield, New South Wales, Australia NSW 2040 Distance: As far as and at whatever pace you like. 3km: Eastside to the bridge and back, 7km: Full Loop or further Post-run Coffee: Le Montage - - - - - * If you do not wish to continue to receive these invites from this group you are a voluntary member of, please either adjust your settings Read more →
7:00am Sunday 27 March 2016
Le Montage, Lilyfield, NSW (map)

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