V Stars, We have a variety of members from so many parts of the world. Why not celebrate the diversity and learn from each food cuisine. Historically, no culture in the world grew up vegan. Yet, due to health, the environment and the needless suffering of animals, many are moving to the meat free direction. We can tantalise our taste buds with cuisines from around the world and live vibrantly. In the last picnic, we had dishes from South America to Italy and many nations in between. It was lovely to hear about different cultures and how their ancestors used to prepare wholefood. Whilst many V Stars are moving to a Meat Free Diet, for these picnics, we would like the attendee to only bring vegan dishes. This means more can taste your wonderful cooking. Bring your favourite plant based dish Read more →
11:30am Saturday 26 March 2016
Lion Gate Lodge, Sydney, NSW (map)

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