We stand in line playing "1000 eyes" on laptops and tablets in order to show people what really goes on in the Australian animal agriculture industry. We have multiple roles you can play. - Sign/tablet holder (mask) Hold a laptop/tablet playing "1000 eyes" or a sign. Laptops will not be supplied so if you wish to do this please bring your own (this is an important role so if you are willing please do this) :) - Flyer distribution Give out flyers to anyone that looks interested and engage them in conversation. Flyers will be provided. - Actor/actress Pretend to be a passerby and watch the footage, this helps draw more people in and form a crowd. It makes sense to not wear an animal rights themed shirt if you wish to do this. If you are feeling nervous about getting in on the action this is Read more →
6:30pm Thursday 24 March 2016
Event Cinemas George Street, Sydney, NSW (map)

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