Seven years in the making, UNITY is a new documentary that explores humanity's hopeful transformation from 'living by killing' into 'living by loving'. It is a unique film about compassion for all beings, or all 'expressions of life,' and going beyond all 'separation based on form,' and beyond perceiving opposites. Writer/Director Shaun Monson, collaborating with an astounding cast of 100 celebrity narrators (never before gathered in the history of film-making), presents a message of love, tragedy and hope, all set against the backdrop of some of the most compelling 20th and 21st Century footage imaginable. Presented in chapters, UNITY takes an in-depth look at what it truly means to be human, to be mortal, and to be incarnate in this world. The film explores our brief existence among the Read more →
6:00pm Thursday 24 March 2016
Govindas Movie Room & Restaurant, Darlinghurst, NSW (map)

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