The Foundations course is designed to provide you with a complete and comprehensive introduction to the Raw Living Food lifestyle. Classes are based on the teachings of the true pioneers and experts of Living Food such as Dr Ann Wigmore. The Foundations series will teach you the tools, the techniques and the knowledge that will put you on the right track to really thrive. There are three levels of the Foundation classes, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. All 3 classes are based on the authentic teachings of Dr Ann Wigmore. You do not need to book the entire series all at once; classes can be booked one level at a time if you prefer. Level 1 - Rebuilding your Health Dr Ann Wigmore teachings Acid/alkaline balance in the body Reverse aging, grey hair, healing the body Flushing heavy metals and Read more →
1:00pm Sunday 13 March 2016
South Yarra, VIC (map)

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