Mystery of Spices - Indian Cuisine Revealed A good Indian meal is so nutritionally well-balanced and there is so much variety. But the only way to learn Indian cooking is to experience it hands on. During this lesson, we will learn to make a few tasty Indian dishes which are easy to recreate at home. Join me to understand the mystery of Indian spices in a compassionate environment. My approach to teaching is quite different. I don't want to amaze anyone with my skills. I want to show you how you can go home and not only recreate the dishes that I demonstrate on the day but gain enough knowledge so that you can create some of your own. We will use spices which are possibly familiar to you, but you will learn to use these staple spices to create different end results altogether in a variety Read more →
10:00am Sunday 13 March 2016
Peregian Beach Community House, Noosa, QLD (map)

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