What if there was a way you could enjoy all your favourite Easter treats guilt-free? Well, you can! The Raw Easter Chocolate workshop is about learning how to create delicious, healthy Easter treats that are rich, satisfying and packed full of raw nutrition. All food is free from dairy, wheat, refined sugar and all artificial additives. And taste amazing too :) All dishes are prepared fresh and are 100% raw. This menu is suitable for raw vegans and paleo dieters, as well as anyone wishing to learn the art of raw cuisine. Workshop participants will receive generous tastings of all menu items, as well as detailed recipes of each dish to replicate at home. On the Menu: - Green Snickers Smoothie - Caramel Creme Eggs - Chocolate Brownie - White Chocolate - Forrero Rocher Slice - Traditional Read more →
2:00pm Saturday 12 March 2016
FutureFit Studios, Clarkson, WA (map)

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