Come along and meet like minded locals while we dine on delicious burgers from Griffin Burger followed by drinks of choice at whichever pub takes our fancy on the night. As usual please only order vegan food and drinks and if you're new to our catch ups and a bit nervy feel free to PM the page so we can ensure you feel welcome. As Griffin Burger is more of a take away joint we'll most likely grab our burgers to go and possibly eat on the grassy area in the middle of Sturt St. Everyone welcome! We'll meet at Griffin Burger at 6pm and nut out the fine details from there. This month we'll donate to Grampians Rabbit and Cavy Sanctuary so bring whatever you can spare to throw into the jar. Any amount is appreciated, no matter how big or small :) Read more →
6:00pm Friday 11 March 2016
Griffin Burger, Ballarat, VIC (map)

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