Due to popular demand, the freshest and most exciting Real Food Event is coming to Cairns in 2016.. The Real Food Revolution!! Have you ever noticed That we have access to the healthiest foods on the planet, yet we are still sicker than ever? Up to 85% of supermarkets' shelves are lined with highly processed, sugar and additive laden food? That there is sooo much confusing misinformation out there about what is healthy and what is not? The question is what can I do about it? It's time to start with REAL FOOD. It's time for a Real Food Revolution! The Real Food Revolution is exactly what it sounds like.A Real, Food, Revolution! It is a popular International wellness event designed to create a shift in the way we look at food as a culture. Over 3 days you will learn how to transform Read more →
6:00pm Friday 11 March 2016
Pullman Hotel, Cairns, QLD (map)

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