There are hundreds of billions of animals living in the wild, many of whom will meet painful, drawn-out deaths. How prevalent is suffering in the wild, and what, if any, are our ethical obligations to wild animals? At this free event we will discuss these and other questions with American philosopher Brian Tomasik (via skype). Brian argues that we do have ethical obligations to wild animals, and that wild animal suffering should be a focus of current animal, and evironmental advocacy efforts. This view has been supported by other philosophers, such as Will MacAskill and Oscar Horta, but criticised strongly by some, including PZ Myers. Come by at 4:30pm to meet others. A short introduction will begin at 5:00pm and we will start the video call at 5:30pm. The venue is disability accessible. Read more →
4:30pm Sunday 6 March 2016
Fitzroy, VIC (map)

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