Do you feel confused and overwhelmed by all the conflicting information on nutrition that comes at you every day? You're not alone! At the one-day Empowered Eating nutrition seminar, you will learn how to evaluate all this information for yourself and take back control over your own health. Get the right tools to quickly and easily sort the nutritional wheat from the chaff, so you are no longer at the mercy of either the money-grubbing hucksters, or the well-meaning but ill-informed self-appointed 'experts'. You will start to think about nutrition and health in a whole new way, so that you'll be BS-proof now and into the future, because of one thing you can be sure: there will always be new fads in the world of nutrition and plenty of recycled versions of 'The Next Big Thing' from 20 Read more →
Saturday 27 February 2016
Empower Total Health, Burraneer, NSW (map)

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