Hey guys. So as some of you are already aware I'm really keen to organise this in Adelaide. Ideally I want to create a circle around the malls balls... I think this will attract the most attention. If able to attend, I need some people to do the following: - Hold laptops/ipads with Eathlings playing (about 4-5 peeps) - Hold a sign with a message/disclaimer on it (about 4-5 peeps) - Hand out memos to people with 'earthlings.com/adaptt.org (about 2-3 peeps) If you plan on doing any of the above please let me know ASAP. You will also need to order a neutral mask to wear on the night. I recommend this one (only $3): If you want to save on postage contact Anna Pancake as she will be organising a group order. Please don't leave this till last minute! If you're unavailable to stay and do any of Read more →
6:30pm Friday 26 February 2016
The Malls Balls, Adelaide, SA (map)

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