This workshop on a Monday morning is being designed specifically with the catering industry in mind. Foraging for edibles is one of the hottest trends in today's chef's menus. Learn the how, what and where of foraging for edibles in a two hour introduction to the practice with renown forager Diego Bonetto. Diego has been working with chefs for over a decade, answering questions and misspelling myths, providing produce and containing the excitement of young culinary adventurers: its is easy, but is not for everyone's kitchens. During the workshop we will cover the basics of positively identify dandelion, sowthistle, chickweed, plantain, farmers friends, purslane, mallow, warrigals, lillipilli, flatweed, rambling dock, shepherd purse, and more. Read more →
10:00am Monday 22 February 2016
Tempe, NSW (map)

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