Are you sick and tired of the confusion surrounding food? Want to feel good and prevent or reverse illness and disease? Join the leaders in nutrition and natural healing from around the globe in a mission to uncover the truth... Hear from the INNER HEALTH CENTRES Naturopath, RACHEL HAIRE. Rachel will talk about the importance of the right foods in your diet, discuss meal plans and juicing. RACHEL will be available to answer questions We will then watch the feature Film Food Matters. This film lays out the inconvenient truth the food industry doesn't want you to hear - that nearly all degenerative disease is actually caused by the processed, nutrient-depleted food being consumed in first-world nations around the world. 'Food Matters' dares to reveal how we can stop this cycle of Read more →
6:00pm Thursday 18 February 2016
Organic Feast, East Maitland, NSW (map)

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