After the huge success of the first Sydney Earthlings Experience, where 23 of us went out and educated the public about the reality of their food choices, we have decided to make this a monthly direct action. We want this to be bigger and better so come along, and bring a friend! :) People need to see the horrors of animal farming. We can't sit idly by and wait for them to watch it. We need to go out and show it to them. We will meet at Platform 16/17, Central Station at 18:30 on Thursday 18 Feb. From there we plan to split up into groups of 3 or more and travel on different train lines, going from carriage to carriage showing the footage. Don't worry if you come alone, we are a friendly bunch! We will be wearing white masks because we have found that it make it easier for commuters to Read more →
6:30pm Thursday 18 February 2016
Platform 16/17 Central Station, Sydney, NSW (map)

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