Hi everyone, there was no proper event invite last week and we received complaints that people were denied the opporunity to offer a reason for lack of attendance. In the event that was posted on the board, there were two times which caused people to turn up at 4 different times so apologies for that too. This week, we will get things back on track with a bayrun at the usual time of 7.01am with an additional earlier start of 6.16am for people who want to run 14km+. The plan being that the 6.16am start group arrive at the start of the second lap at around 7.01am to begin lap 2. Coffee in Le Montage afterwards so hopefully we will all see eachother at some point even if the times go to pot again. Vegan, vegetarian or VIP, fast, slow, walker, rider, dog - all welcome! Time: 6:16am (14km+), Read more →
7:00am Sunday 14 February 2016
Le Montage, Lilyfield, NSW (map)

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