Happy New Year to our amazing members, volunteers and guests! With our first Sydney City meeting on the horizon, we'd like to put the call out and invite all members of the public to join us next Tuesday the 9th of February 2016 to find out about our latest news, and see how you can get involved in the new year to make a difference! Our monthly meetings are a great way meet new people, learn about news / campaigns, and are followed by an optional vegan dinner within walking distance of our office. As always, our public meetings are open to all guests, members and staff! - Koala Park (the saddest park on earth) - Stop Blantyre Intensive Piggery in Harden - Puppy Farm Cruelty Exposed - Zambi Wildlife Retreat - Slaughterhouse Action / Expose of Gassed Pigs - Victorian Duck Rescue - Read more →
6:30pm Tuesday 9 February 2016
Animal Liberation Office, Sydney, NSW (map)

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