NMA 2016 #4: Bay Run Due to being generally pants and too focussed on greyhounds/tassels/hydration etc, we forgot to send out the invite for last sunday's event so apologies to everyone for not having the opporuntiy to write an enviable excuse for lack of attendance / not informing you of the event. I think it is safe to assume that if we forget again, we'll be at the Bayrun at 7.01am but keep an eye on the group page. Tuesday is Australia Day so Sunday let's celebrate the opporunity and great living this country has given us by wearing something Australian (green and gold tassels will suffice). Here are the details for this Sunday's event. Summer time of 7.01am. Vegan, vegetarian or VIP, fast, slow, walker, rider, dog - all welcome! Time: 7.01am Weather forecast: 23c Meet: Le Montage, 38 Read more →
7:00am Sunday 31 January 2016
Le Montage, Lilyfield, NSW (map)

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