Wow, I am so excited to have discovered there are 375 people in this group who have the desire to connect with other health conscious souls on the Gold Coast. Something is going wrong when we all have this desire but don't seem to end up connecting??????? Well, let's all try to make 2016 the year when we strive for unity (no separation), service, deep sharing and vibrant physical, emotional and spiritual health. I live on the Southern end of the Gold Coast and could see Southport as a long way to travel but I encourage us all to make a special effort this first meet up of 2016 and car pool or jump on a tram if we have to. I also suggest RSVP'ing ASAP because a crowd attracts a crowd- 'birds of a feather flock together'. Looking forward to meeting you all next Saturday and special thanks Read more →
11:00am Saturday 23 January 2016
Blendlove, Gold Coast, QLD (map)

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